Welcome to my little niche on the world wide web. I am happy you found me. My name is Kristin and I am the owner/operator of 603 Creative Studio. I started freelancing back in 2009 after a successful stint in retail. I was lucky enough to be the sole proprietor of a maternity and baby boutique in my hometown that had a faithful following (pre-Amazon.com). After three long years of sweat and tears, I was approached to sell the business, and I did just that. My passion quickly evolved as e-commerce grew, and I knew it was time to step out into the digital world with my marketing and design experience in-hand.

I have had amazing opportunities to work with talented people across the globe- from Fortune 500 companies (Disney, Pfizer, Welch’s, Coach) to mom-and-pop shops and restaurants that need to be branded and noticed. I am a self-proclaimed “creative geek”. I love to draw and paint as much as I love to code and digitally design.

My entrepreneurial nature has brought me here. I want to be an integral part of making you and your brand a success. Whether it be branding, web development, photography, or all of the above- I’ve got your back.